The Gent of Scent

Smell as good as your beard feels.

The Gent of Scent began in 2017 as a way to combat the drudge of retirement. I knew I wanted to engage with people and work-but I didn’t want to work for people. I reached out to my grand-daughter who owns Seamless Southworth - a gemstone jewelry and holistic goods small business, to see if she had any ideas of what my next adventure should be. She gave me the idea of using natural products in a skin care line for men and women. In her years as a vendor, she was tired of seeing bath and body products typically geared towards women. With some of her recipes, I eagerly accepted the challenge and embarked on my skin care journey. Soon my recipe book grew as I educated myself on oils and natural products. With the help of my wife Pat, The Gent of Scent travels with our pop-up shops all over the South East. Nestled here in Charlotte, Nc we like to stay as local as we can, but sometimes adventure and people like you, call us elsewhere!

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